More and more landowners are coming through for such partnerships as an indication that there is potential for more such projects. Below is a list of landowners who have bought in to the Grange concept and are keen on partnering with Tshepo Properties.

We are currently finalizing and preparing Demo room for a number of Properties across Zimbabwe, below are some of our active Projects:

  1. Hatfield Project in St Patricks Rd which will have a total of 18 Townhouse units
  2. Prospect Project located on Northway Road which will have a total of 64 Townhouse Units
  3.  Greendale Project located on trinity Road which will house a total of 14 units
  4. Trinity Greendale project which has a total of 60 units
  5. Cleveland Project in Greendale which has a a total of 48 Townhouse units
  6. Trinity House Scheme which will have a total of 32 units.

These properties are located in established housing communities with established infrastructure such as roads, water, power, sewer and supporting amenities